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kein BildHeine delta 20 Dermatoscope
The HEINE DELTA 20 Dermatoscope: HEINE's long experience as a market leader in Dermatoscopy has enabled us to set a new standard for image quality with the New DELTA 20 Dermatoscope. The DELTA 20 with 6-LED full-illumination or 3-LED lateral illumination combined with high-resolution precision optics using achromatic lenses is the result of dedicated research and product development by the HEINE team of engineers.

CHF 989.00
kein BildHeine alpha+ Dermatoscope
A Dermatoscope in compact form: High-quality instrument in compact form with 10x magnification. Adjustable focus. Threaded connector. Available with XHL Xenon Halogen Technology for super bright illumination. - 10x magnification. Large, high-resolution image. - Solid metal construction. Durable and tough. - Detailed, illustrated instruction book. Makes differential diagnosis easier.

CHF 299.00
kein BildHeine mini 3000 Dermatoscope
A Dermatoscope in a handy pocket format: Modern pocket dermatoscope in a compact design with high-quality optics. 10x magnification with focusing optics. Metal threaded connector. Can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system.

CHF 312.00
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